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Cleaning Ugg Boots – How to effectively clean lambskin boots

The classic Ugg Boot is essentially made like a glove. The sheep’s wool clings softly to the skin, and the sole is only slightly shaped. The leather used for the exterior of the boots is predominantly high-quality suede and is thus porous. Before lambskin boots are worn outside for the first time, therefore, they must be impregnated. Otherwise, you will quickly start to notice signs of use. And then the Ugg Boot will unfortunately live up to its name. For the best results, Ugg Boots should always be cleaned first of all with a cleaning brush or the Nubuck Box from Collonil for nubuck leather. This perks up the leather structure again. Rough dirt can be brushed off through gentle rubbing. It is...

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How to maintain your handbag?

We loved this article written by Collonil so we wanted to share it.  Nobody knows the care needed to maintain leather goods better than Collonil who have been around since 1909! Shared from Some see it as a status symbol, others as a practical everyday item, but few women leave the house without it: the handbag. However, one this is for sure without proper care, your purse will start to show signs of wear. Many women have a favourite handbag in their wardrobe. Depending on their style, it might be a high-quality leather bag from a top brand or a funky vintage handbag. However, regardless of how well protected you store a purse, it’s bound to be exposed to...

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Premium Care for Leathers Collonil - Featuring 1909 Supreme Creme de Luxe

In 2009 Collonil celebrated its centenary in style with a new leather care milestone.  The innovative range is called "1909".  Its name is a reminder of the past and it represents the essence of what Collonil stands for today, extensive know how, state of the art technologies and high quality raw materials.  This is why the 1909 line is the optimal product for designer luxury goods that are made of finest materials.  In North America this product is available in black and neutral and soon to arrive dark brown.  The black or brown colour not only moisturizes the leather, it also brings the color back to life.  The neutral is good on all colours and simply moisturizes the leather. #Collonil...

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