Shampoo Direct's Other Great Uses!

Most users who are familiar with the Collonil brand of leather, suede and textile cleaners, caring and protecting products know that ShampooDirect is an amazing cleaner for salt and water stains.  However, did you know that this great product has other uses?

If a drop of red wine lands on your shoe or any other leather, it can quickly sour the celebration.  Shampoo direct is a great option for removing these type of stains.  This classic cleaner is the go to solution for water soluble stains, including juice or fruit stains.  Blot dry and excess wine or juice immediately following the spill and then apply the shampoo direct to the left over stain.  Press the foam applicator to the leather until the surface is damp with the cleaning solution.  Let it sit for some time before using the wet sponge to wipe away the stain and any left over shampoo.  Good as new!

The versatility of Collonil products make them the best value line of #cleaning, #caring and #protecting products on the market for #suedes, #leather and #textiles.  This is why we as highly recommend #Collonil!!