How to maintain your light colored suedes!

One of the most popular questions we receive is how do we maintain our leathers.  Here is the first of many videos to come.  We can tell you how to do it but seeing is believing.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate contacting us  

This video illustrates how you should properly care for light suedes.  With the change of seasons around the corner we though this may come in useful very shortly for the new shoes you are taking out for the first time or boots that have served you well and now need to be placed in storage for the summer months.

The products demonstrated in this video are the; Organic Bamboo Lotion 200ml, Nubuck and Textile 75/100ml neutral,  Suede Nubuck Spray 200ml, textile brush and the nubuck box.  Great quality products from one of the oldest leather care companies in Germany, Collonil.